How To Get A Colonoscopy

So, today I went in for a routine medical procedure, and I wanted to talk about it to:

1. Remove some stigma
2. Give some advice
3. Make it clear that preventative medicine is important!

My procedure went great and Katherine filmed about 6 minutes of me being an absolute dork…I have provided only a few select bits for you. I still have moderate inflammation in my distal colon, which is normal for me, but still something we’d like to try and treat. At the moment (for other IBD people) I’m on Mesalamine (anti-inflammatory) and allopurinol (immunomodulator.) I was diagnosed in 2005 and, after first being diagnosed and getting it under control, have had either mild, moderate, or no symptoms on and off.

But IBD certainly isn’t the only reason to get a colonoscopy! In fact, everyone should get one on their 50th, 60th, and 70th birthdays (unless there’s a risk factor.)

My only advice…treat yourself well on your prep day, know that you’re not going to be able to do much, and know that you can do the thing!!

Music in the video is Sampo B-1201BW from

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